The biggest names in supercars and hypercars have gone from building spartan and fragile speed demons to reliable tech-filled everyday supercars.

Supercars and Hypercars have always been wildly popular. Today there are countless companies and multiple cars from those companies all capable of astonishing feats. Sadly because of this incredible ocean of amazing supercars and hypercars everywhere, there are a plethora of incredible features and facts that go totally unnoticed and unloved.

It's not a new trend really. Did you know that there was a car that sucked itself to the ground in the '70s to provide downforce even at 0 mph? Today we ensure that no secret about a modern Lamborghini, McLaren or Ferrari goes unnoticed.

Did you know that McLaren has a special way to perform a "Hot Start" on the 720S that makes it bark a firey and furious exhaust pop at you? You'll need the car to be hot. So go take a couple of laps, just so you can perform this trick of course. Now, before turning the car back on, press the start button WITHOUT your foot on the brake. Then select "Track Mode" in the menu and start the car. Ok, go take a moment. We would need one too.

Having a vehicle with paddle shifting can be a real thrill. Knowing that you're using technology that started on the race track is inspiring. Sometimes though, you'll find that you lost time because you don't realize that a lower gear is available. In a Lamborghini, you have the control to simply pull and hold the downshift paddle and it will automatically select the lowest gear possible.

The Lambo Huracan is a special car in many ways. In fact, it has not one, not two but three gyroscopes installed, as well as three accelerators to help it corner harder and faster than almost any other road car out there.

Most everyone knows that Lamborghini was originally a tractor company before Enzo managed to get Ferruccio angry and the rivalry was born. Very few know that Lamborghini continues to build tractors to this very day.

Despite the unlikeliness of their eventual use, all three of these supercar makers offers a tool kit and gloves in the event that you do experience a flat or other issues on the road. What doesn't make any sense is that all of them provide white gloves to do the work.

Engines today are complex objects mostly assembled by machines. That is understandable considering all the small parts and pieces that go into their construction and how crucial it is that each part is perfect. These three manufacturers all go to the trouble of building each one by hand and that is a testament to their quality and passion.

It might seem strange but most supercars today from these marquees are considered reliable. This Gallardo has over 33,000 miles on it and no major issues in its service history for example.

Did you know that the V8 in most ever Ferrari from the '70s onward is related? Even more special they're award winners. That checks out for such a high horsepower engine.

It used to be that a supercar really could only fit smallish people. In part that's why American sports cars and supercars were unique as they would fit just about anyone. Now most every supercar can fit a person who's 6'5 or shorter.

You think of McLaren and you don't think raised ride height, but that is just one of the adjustments they made to the 2020 McLaren GT. More cargo room, a softer ride and body panels made to be quieter all add up to the perfect Grand Tourer.

The Elva is a new Supercar from McLaren that not only is stunning and special in appearance, but it's also the lightest car they've ever built. It's also faster to 120 mph than their own Senna.

This thing looks like some silly concept that'll never really see the light of day. Clearly that's not the case as you see it here sitting in a random parking lot. The Speedtail is so fast that it'll do 0-186 mph in 12.6 seconds.

The experience of purchasing a supercar from one of these is absolutely one of a kind. Each of the three manufacturers has their own individual process for bringing you into the family and letting you pick everything from your seat color to your steering wheel stitching.

So one thing we can all agree hasn't improved in decades about supercars is the rear window. There's basically no way to really see what the heck you're about to run into and there's no certainty that the end is in sight.

Something I never realized about how fast modern supercar are is that if they were unimpeded they could quite easily cross the USA in 12 hours. That's absolutely ridiculous considering the most recent record took more than double that.

I'm just a normal car guy who's owned or still does own a Jeep, a Porsche, a V12 BMW and a Twin Turbo BMW but sadly not both on one car... a Rallycross built Subaru WRX and a MINI cooper... I don't miss the Jeep

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