Notch out the deck posts 120mm x 20mm up from the bottom. Or, to make this part of the project much easier and faster, you can buy these pre-notched. If you need to extend your notch further then do this using a handsaw or circular saw.

Ask someone to hold the deck post in position whilst you mark the location of two evenly spaced pilot holes on the post.

To fix the deck posts to the bearer, hang washers on the end of a 130mm exterior coach screw, then tighten the screws with a socket set

Use a tape measure to make sure deck posts are evenly spaced, with a maximum distance of 1800mm between them.

If you want the post to be flush to the decking then you will need to notch it into the decking. Start by marking out where the post will be onto the deck and the fascia.

Put the post into position and check that it is flush to the decking. Then, secure the post as before and reattach the fascia.

To make sure spindles are placed evenly, measure and cut a piece of spindle to 81mm and use this as a marker.

Measure 81mm from the end of the rail and use a try square to mark an accurate line. This line marks where the first spindle will be placed.

When you are marking the bottom railings, mark the centre of each spindle, as this is where the pilot holes will be drilled.

Turn the 81mm section on its side, and continue to mark along the length of railing. You may need to adjust these measurements slightly to fit the length of your handrail. However, make sure all spacings are equal and do not exceed 82mm before fixing.

For the bottom rail, repeat the above but with the addition of drilling a 3mm pilot hole through each mark.

Attach the spindles to the bottom rail using 76mm deck screws. You may need someone to hold them in place for you whilst you screw.

To attach the top rail to the spindle, use a 64mm galvanized finish nail, but take care not to damage the wood whilst hammering. Alternatively, you could use a nail punch to finish the nails.

Place the long side of the L brackets centrally into the fillet slot, on the underside of the bottom rail. Check the L brackets do not stick out past the end of the rail, then fix the bracket to the bottom rail using the two 25mm screws that are supplied in the kit.

Mark on your deck post where you want the top railing to be, making sure it’s at least 900mm from the deck.

Centrally place the short side of the L bracket onto the mark and fix the bracket to each deck post using two 25mm screws.

Place the railing assembly on the fixed post L brackets and secure to the underside of the top rail using two 25mm screws.

3 Layers Upvc Roof Sheet

Centrally locate the bottom rail on the deck post, before fixing the bottom rail L bracket using two 25mm screws.

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