Stranger Things has an incredible way of taking us back in time to the 1980s with its music, pop culture references, and yes, the fashion choices for the characters. The nostalgia it induces is instantaneous when we see Eleven or Nancy or even Billy rocking their '80s styles with confidence.

Whether you lived through the '80s or not, this show has the ability to make you feel as if you are there in large part due to the fashion choices they've made for the characters of Stranger Things. And now we've narrowed down the best of the best '80s fashions in this ranking of the best nostalgic outfits on Stranger Things.

Poor Barb. She didn't last long in the Stranger Things universe thanks to the Demogorgon terrorizing the town of Hawkins, Indiana. She succumbed to the attack from the monster and she was never seen again.

But before her demise, she was rocking the standard high-waisted jeans that were the go-to denim choice for girls of that time. Even though she wasn't the most popular girl in school, she still chose a trendy choice in jeans for the time, and paired it with a ruffled plaid top, to boot. This outfit became the most popular version to cosplay for Barb's character and it's easy to see why.

There have been several different versions of shearling jackets featured on Stranger Things over the course of the series, due to the time period and the fact they were fashionable during the 1980s. And honestly, they still are cute today.

But none of the jackets compared to Nancy's version of the shearling jacket. With its rust-red color, it looks striking on Nancy and her fair skin tone and looks very trendy with her jeans and tee-shirt combination. This was the perfect outfit for her to go monster hunting in and she looked damn good doing it with her fashion-forward shearling jacket.

Steve Harrington is mostly known for his luxurious and gorgeous hair. But we need to talk about his fashion choices as the coolest guy in Hawkins. He's frequently wearing tight, light-wash jeans, but in this outfit, he added the stylish and '80s appropriate gray jacket with his Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses to finish off the look.

He definitely pulls off his cool guy style with this ensemble and still manages to fight off Demo-dogs with the help of Dustin and his friends. Fighting monsters while looking highly fashionable? That's a classic Steve Harrington move if we've ever seen one.

These characters may not have played a large role in Stranger Things, but their fashion statements were definitely memorable. The group as a whole had each of their outfits stylish and on point, surely making quite the impression on everybody at their school.

They each are donning a different version of the on-trend bomber jackets of the time, and they managed to finish off their outfits with other '80s trends like high-waisted jeans and striped tops. Even the fact that they're sporting the big hair trend for that time makes their outfits that much more perfect the time's fashions and trends.

The first time we ever got see Eleven in formal wear and she absolutely rocked the look. For the '80s, this was the perfect subtle yet totally on-trend and age-appropriate look for something like a school dance. She wore a printed, puffed shoulder dress with asymmetrical frills on the hem and tops it off with a cinched waist with this chunky, contrasting belt.

The addition of her subtly beautiful makeup featuring lilac eyeshadow and shiny lip gloss makes the entire look the perfect occasion-wear outfit for her first school dance. No wonder Mike fell even harder for Eleven at this moment. 

Billy is the resident bad boy in Hawkins in season 2 of Stranger Things. He exudes confidence and his rebellious nature in this Americana-inspired look.

Denim on denim is as trendy today as it was in the 1980s, and Billy is making this ensemble work for him. Adding the white-striped button-down underneath the denim with his brown belt makes the American vibes stand out even more. But he adds his bad boy personality to it with the buttons undone nearly down to his navel, wearing multiple necklaces, and rolling his jacket cuffs up. While his lifeguard uniform is a fan favorite, this look is just as iconic.

One of the best friendships to come out of Stranger Things season 3 was between Max and Eleven. The two teenage girls bonded over boy troubles and later, shopping at the new Star Court mall. Eleven gets a whole new wardrobe thanks to Max and learns about the latest '80s fashions that day.

By the time they're finished shopping, they are both sporting bold, bright neon patterns and prints. The '80s aesthetic is perfectly emulated in these outfits and the addition of their just as colorful accessories makes these two of the trendiest, nostalgic outfits from the 1980s.

Mrs. Wheeler stole the show at the local swimming pool in season 3 of Stranger Things. She was trying to get the attention of a certain lifeguard we know by the name of Billy and she does just that when she dons her brightly, multi-colored swimsuit.

It looks absolutely gorgeous on her and the one-piece looks great paired with her just as bright makeup. The neon colors of both the swimsuit and her makeup make her stand out amongst the other moms at the pool, which is precisely when Billy takes notice and makes a move. Plus, it's pretty admirable that she was able to keep her blue eyeshadow and neon pink lipstick on even after a dip in the pool.

It wasn't just the teenage girls and women of the '80s who wore bright colors and loud patterns on their shirts. Chief of Police, Jim Hopper, took notice of this trend himself and decided to wear a Hawaiian shirt with pastel colors and loud print to his almost-date with Joyce.

He may not be a huge risk-taker when it comes to his fashion choices, but if he was going to take a risk with his style, this was the right one to make for the time period. Seeing Hopper wear this classic '80s-esque printed shirt was one of the many highlights in season 3 of the show.

During the summer in the 1980s, the kids in Hawkins were sporting many neon prints and aesthetically '80s looks. Eleven got in on the fun after Max gave her wardrobe a serious makeover at the mall.

Shortly after, we see Eleven wearing this galactic-printed button-down shirt with classic jeans and yes, bright blue suspenders. Her wide sleeves on the shirt combined with the high-waist of her jeans only make this outfit that much more '80s fashion. And we can't forget that she finished the whole look off with a bright, yellow scrunchie in her hair. It is probably the most fun and 1980s-esque outfits to ever be on Stranger Things.

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